What is Face Paint made of?

The face paints Derrick uses are actually NOT paints at all. 

Derrick only paints with FDA approved water-based makeup

created for use on the face and body.
How do I remove the makeup?

Soap and water. Airbrush makeup may require remover.  

How old must my one be to get face painted?

The ideal ages are between 4 years and 108 years old.

How long does a painted face take to execute?

For full child's faces (see KIDS GALLERY) take 3 - 4 minutes each.

For adult makeup (see Adult Gallery) it can take 6 minutes and UP depending on design.

Elaborate makeup, airbrush, appliques, rhinestones, feather and all the bits bells and bangles look GLAM but ADD TIME. If you want an amazing adult face, give your artist ample time to do his best work!
How many children (4 and up) can Derrick paint at a party?


In the 2 hour time frame Derrick maxes out at 30 kids.

In the 2 hour time frame the number of ADULT faces depends on the designs!

What is required in the event space for Derrick to face paint at my party?


Visit the RATES PAGE and find that info listed there!


Does Derrick Little carry liability insurance certificate?

Yes, Derrick operates as an LLC and is fully insured by The Clowns of the US.


How do I book Derrick?


Visit the Contact/Book an Artist page and send Derrick a note!




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