Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Face Paint made of?
The face paints Derrick uses are actually NOT paints at all.  Derrick only paints with FDA approved water-based makeup created for face and body painting.
How do I remove the makeup from my child?
This type makeup washes off with soap and water.
How old must my child be?
Face Painting is recommended for kids that are 3 years old and older.
The ideal age is 4 years old and up.
If a child is one or two years old can they not get painted?
Derrick will paint the hands/arms of toddlers. However he is not responsible for makeup on mom's nice dress or furniture due to inquisitive toddlers touching the wet paint and then touching said items.
How long does each child's face take to execute?
Full faces (see the KIDS GALLERY) take 3 - 4 minutes each.
How many children (4 and up) can Derrick paint at a party?
When working alone at parties, Derrick maxes out at 15 - 17 KIDS an hour. If you are having a large number of children and/or activities, ask for additional painters or have Derrick for more than an hour.
How big of an area do I need for Derrick to face paint at my party?
Derrick requires ONE table (at least 3ft X 3FT) and TWO sturdy chairs for his work. It makes Derrick's life much easier if he can use a table and chairs that YOU already have at your home or party space.
How do children select the faces they wish to have painted?
Derrick brings a menu for your guests to choose from.
How long do adult facesand airbrushed faces take to execute?
Airbrush faces (see the ADULT GALLERY) take 7 - 9 minutes each.
Does Derrick have liability insurance certificate?
Yes, Derrick is fully insured by The Clowns of the US so if your party venue requires "proof of coverage" please let us know.


How do I book an artist?

Visit the Contact/Book an Artist page and send Derrick a note!




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