For Corporate bookings Derrick has a team of 8-10 artists, himself included, available for events. 

Corporate pricing is different than our birthday party pricing due to the volume of the crowd & the coordination of his team. Derrick also can provide "line managers" as part of his team for large-scale events.


When painting at corporate events, Derrick and his team bring a "limited" menu (15 designs) for guests to choose from as this allows artists to work at a quicker pace and move through the many faces in the crowd at their best speed.


For corporate events we ask that our client provide the necessary rentals (canopy/tables/chairs/access to water and stantions) for us. We can arrange these rentals for an added fee and with ample time ( 3 weeks or more)

to make contracted rental arrangements.


If you are interested in having Derrick and his team at your corporate function,

CONTACT US and include as many details as you can about the event your company is having.



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